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This is the first step of 4 on your path to financial independence…

There are 2 parts to the set up and they only need to be done once so take your time and get it done right! The steps are in detail here and you can translate the page into almost any language using the box in the top right corner – the video has no sound and so can also assist you regardless of your language.

You will need to set up your system here so that it can work for you in generating referrals. You should complete this process even if you intend to be 100% passive as people who join without a valid sponsor link are randomly allocated to existing members.

This is the hardest part of this opportunity but having said that, it is simple as long as you follow the instructions precisely.

The first part is to add your affiliate ID’s in the spaces provided in the “Company Settings” in your Members’ Control Panel

NEVER add anything other than your username in any box in the “Company Settings” as it will break the system and may result in your removal from the program. It is O.K. to leave any box blank.

To access the control panel you will need to register as a member – its 100% FREE and the only reason we have a membership is so that you can input your affiliate links and earn more money.

Most of the Companies listed allow free affiliates but there are a couple that require you to be a paid member. If you don’t want to become a paid member in these companies there is no obligation to do so – just leave the box blank.

Below this information are links to all the programs showing exactly where to find your ID for the program selected just in case you have any difficulty.  We do not go into great detail about the programs as you can get full and current information from the websites they provide.

Once you have registered you will be redirected to the Getting Started page and from there if you click select “Members Control Centre” from the top menu you will be brought to a page that looks like this…

What I suggest you do is join all the programs and make a note of the user names in a text editor such as notepad and adding them in the boxes provided. The video below goes through the process with no sound. You can pause the video at any time and complete each registration in turn.

I will add the other company information soon but follow the same steps for all additional programs


Now ADD An Autoresponder….

This is the second and final part of the set up process. If you already have a GetResponse autoresponder it can easily be added using the API key.

However, if you don’t have GetResponse all other autoresponders require you to use the form method of addition shown in the video below. You can use the free autoresponder and it will work for you, but the best option is the AIOP autoresponder for just $10 a month.

You don’t just get the quality autoresponder with excellent delivery at a very low price, but also page builders and link trackers etc. that you will need if you are serious about making money!

If you simply can’t afford $10 a month then go with the free option until you are making some cash and then switch to AIOP. It pays 100% commissions but never bank on commissions paying your fees in ANY program – if you can’t afford to commit to the monthly fee regardless of commissions DON’T JOIN!

If you can afford it then join as a paid member and email your referral link to lauranfram@gmail.com with the subject AIOP Link and you will be added to the team build rotation. Once you have completed both of the above proceed to step 2

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